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Recent News From Georgia

Thanks to VLNY support of Jewish life in Georgia, the local community is full of action. These are brief stories of what happened in Georgia recently:

We celebrated the wedding of Binyamin Janashvili, who studies in our yeshiva and works as a kashrus mashgiach , to Anat Dolidze, who is also our former student. R. Chaim Rubin has visited Tbilisi to make a bris for a 21 year old man and 2 children. There was another wedding of our former students – Aharon Elashvili and Rachel Namgaladze. Our students started to produce kosher cheese which is available for purchase in our local kosher stores.

Four of our former students work as Kashrus Mashgichim for a local caterer which services all the local Simchas as well as outside groups traveling in Georgia.

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