The Vaad

Our Mosdos in Tbilisi, Georgia


The Vaad’s involvement in Tbilisi started in 1984 when we sent Shlichim to learn Torah with Ariel Levin. Ariel is a Tbilisi native who became interested in Judaism after attending a summer seminar held by the Vaad. At the urging of Rabbi Mordechai Neustadt Zt”l, Rav Ariel started teaching Torah in the local Shul. This eventually grew into a full day elementary school for boys and girls, a full day Yeshiva for older boys and now a community Kollel.

Besides the school, The Vaad has had a seminary for older girls to study religious and secular subjects and a full day intensive Kollel with young Russian speaking married scholars from Israel. Unfortunately, we had to discontinue these programs due to lack of funding.

As Chief Rabbi of Tbilisi, Rav Levine has reintroduced the basic forms of religious practice such as, Brisim, Gittin and Kiddushin, Kashrus, and Mikvah observants to the Tbilisi Jewish community. These duties are currently fulfilled by Rabbi Avimelech Rosenblath, who runs The Vaad institutions in Tbilisi, since Rav Levine has immigrated to Israel. One of our teachers, Rabbi Yaakov Davidashvili, also runs the Chevra Kadisha.

As a result of these activities, dozens of families observe Kashrus, Shabbos and Taharas HaMishpacha. More than 50 women regularly use the Tbilisi Mikvaos, which was renovated by the Vaad. A few hundred graduates of Tbilisi Yeshiva live and work in the different countries of the world. Many of them work as Rabbis, Shoctim, Mohelim, Sofrim, Torah educators and tradition teachers.

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